Together Again!

Dear Bible Baptist Church Family,

We are opening up again! On Sunday, May 17 at 11am we will gather together to worship for the first time since March 15. Praise God! This is wonderful news. Cause for rejoicing.

This is terrific because we understand that a church is not a specific place we desire to be “in” but a particular people we long to be “with.” 100 Higher Ground Lane, Mount Vernon, KY is not where Bible Baptist Church is. That is where we regularly meet. We are thankful for the property and facilities with which God has blessed us, and understand that the church is a local body of baptized believers who have covenanted together for the proclamation of the gospel, the discipleship of believers, the observance of the ordinances, all for the glory of God.

During the outbreak of this novel coronavirus we voluntarily stopped gathering. This was done to honor the requests of our national and state governments, and with a desire to protect one another and our community from a virus we did not understand. Now it is time to begin the return to normalcy.

That return will be a journey. May 17 will not be a typical worship service. Here is what will be the same. We will be worshipping the Most-High God, our Savior and King together in spirit and in truth. AMEN! With that as our foundation, here is the plan for this coming Sunday, May 17.

  • We will have only one service. No Sunday school, SHinE, Children’s church, or evening service. No staffed nursery either.
  • We will not be passing the offering plates. They will be available in the lobby for you to leave your tithe/offering.
  • We will not be observing our usual time of greeting. In this early stage of our return to normalcy, handshaking, back-slapping, and hugging will be on hold.
  • We will not have a choir. This will create a huge hole in our worship, one that is necessary at the moment, but this too shall pass.
  • We will observe the suggested distancing, and we will do this to the best of our ability. There will not be marked seating areas. No one will be keeping count at the door. Nobody will be walking around with a tape measure. You are expected to be personally responsible for this. Family units should sit together. This means, if you sleep in the same house, sit in the same pew.
  • We will use all of our seating space. The balcony, the choir loft, even the front two pews of each section should be used. If necessary, we will fan out into the lobby and/or the choir room and Fellowship Hall.
  • We will not have an altar call, but the invitation is always open. Following the service, if you desire counsel or prayer, come and see me. I will be available.
  • We will be singing. Wear a mask if you desire. If you do not have a mask but would like one, they will be available.
  • We will recognize and honor our graduates at the conclusion of the service.

I want to leave you with this thought. As a local church body, we have the same Savior, same indwelling Holy Spirit, same baptism, same mission, and the same authority – God’s timeless truth, His Word. These are the issues that matter most.

But we do not all have the same mind about this novel coronavirus. We are not all alike regarding our nation’s and state’s response to this virus or even how our church is reopening, and we do not have to be. Philippians 2:3 is required. “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.” In this specific case, that means each of us will humbly consider our fellow church members more important than our personal views on the virus, the response to it, and the reopening. I am confident that we will do just that.

I am always available if you need to speak with me, about this issue or anything else.

Grace and Peace to You!

Pastor Travis