Don Stayton Memorial Church Bus Fund

The following is from Bro. Stayton’s family.
If you would prefer to make a contribution in memory of Dad toward something that was dear to his heart, we have set up this PayPal donation page to raise funds for a new church bus for Bible Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, where he pastored for 35 years. Bus ministry has long been a part of Don and Donna’s story. Before her mom rededicated her life to Jesus, our mom would go to church by herself as a child as part of a local church’s bus ministry. It resulted in her own decision to follow Christ and is one of the many reasons our parents always served and promoted bus ministries throughout their lives. Since his retirement, Bible Baptist has continued the bus ministry that began with Dad 35 years ago to help bring children without transportation to Bible’s thriving children’s ministry. Please know that no gifts are needed or expected in any way, but if you decide to give we would be honored if you would give to this cause that was so dear to Dad’s heart.