OCC Diner on Wednesday, January 20

Tonight will be the FIRST DINER of 2021. Please join us for homemade chicken noodle soup, Hawaiian roll ham sandwiches, desserts, and drinks. The Diner will be open from 5:30-6:30pm in the FLC Cafe to dine-in or take-out. Only $5 per person. You’re going to eat out anyway, so why not spend the money on missions. All the proceeds will be used towards our OCC effort. Yes. We’re getting a head start! Good food and fellowship are guaranteed. See y’all there.


Spring Clean Up Event

Stuff needs to be done. Spring cleaning will not abide by the quarantine standards, but we can follow social-distancing guidelines while accomplishing some necessary tasks. I appreciate Debbie Dull’s initiative in putting together a list of jobs that need to be done. Check the list, then call Lori Eaton to schedule a time when you can come and do the work while maintaining your distance.
  • Spray fence ______________
  • Clean up fence section (leaves vines off fence, sticks, etc.)
    • Red to blue ______________
    • Blue to green ____________
    • Green to yellow ___________
    • Yellow to black ___________
    • Black to orange ___________
    • Orange to white ___________
    • Weed flower bed and remove leaves
      • Front of church building ____________
      • Side of church building _____________
    • Prune bushes
      • Front of church building ____________
      • Side of church building _____________
    • Check missions’ quarters ________________
    • Leaf removal behind FLC – next to building and along fence ________________
    • Leaf removal from AC cage behind church building ___________________
    • Stick removal from hillside ______________________
    • Sweep walking track in the FLC __________________
    • Mop walking track in the FLC ____________________
    • Wipe off with disinfectant railing around walking track in the FLC ____________
    • Wipe off with disinfectant exercise equipment in the FLC ___________________
    • Fix lock on ladies’ bathroom door on the west end of church building _________
    • Repair door handle to ladies’ bathroom door; east end of building __________
    • Replace floor drain cover in men’s bathroom on the west end ______________
    • Paint speaker shelves in choir room _________________
    • Remove beehives and clean outside of doors to the missions’ quarters _______

Repair shelter spouting