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Welcome to the Bible Baptist Church 2:52 Teens Student Ministry Page.

2:52 Teens, the student ministry of Bible Baptist Church, is a ministry to the whole family, focused on producing teens with a growing faith that increase in wisdom, maturity, favor with God, favor with man, respect for authority, and work ethic.


Teen Church Live
Meets Wednesday Nights at

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Thank you for visiting our children's ministry web page. We invite you and your entire family to come worship here with us and find out for yourself what God has in store for you.

Our Mission is to teach, reach, and build relationships with kids so that they too will accept Jesus Christ into their heart. Through our example of service to God we want each and every child to see the love that God shared with us through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

(Ephesians 5:1) Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children;

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-Older messages are archived on video which are hosted on our Youtube Page to visit Click Here 

Audio messages are in MP3 format, Notes are in PDF. Download Adobe Reader Here 

Date Message Title Audio Video
02/18/18 am ...Through Renewal Audio  Video
02/18/18 pm A Day of Good News! Audio   
02/14/18 Wise Up About Boundaries Audio   
02/11/18 am By Faithfully Pressing On Audio  Video
02/11/18 pm Family Focus Audio   
02/07/18 Wise Up about Reproof Audio   
02/04/18 am In the Face of Defeat  Audio Video
02/04/18 pm Stewardship of Our Time Audio   
01/31/18 Wise Up About Anger Audio   
01/28/19 am In Times of Transition Audio  Video
01/28/18 pm The Stewardship Of Our Resources Audio   
01/24/18 Wise Up About Your Words Audio   
01/21/18 am New Beginnings Audio   
01/21/18 pm Stewardship of Our Spiritual Gifts Audio   
01/14/18 am Dependent Discipline Audio  Video
01/10/18 Wise Up About Fear  Audio  
01/07/18 am Building Blocks Audio  Video
01/07/18 pm Stewardship of the Gospel Audio  
01/03/18 Wise Up About Your Heart Audio   
12/31/17 am The Holy Spirit and the Scriptures Audio   Video
12/31/17 pm Resolved Audio   
12/27/17 Wise Up about Alcohol  Audio  
12/24/17 am Navigating The Nativity Audio  Video
12/20/17 Wise Up about Friendship Audio   
12/17/17 PM What Kind of Throne   Video
12/17/17 am A Faithful, Functional Flock Audio  Video
12/13/17 Brother; Darren Allen Audio   
12/10/17 am As Different as Night and Day Audio  Video
12/10/17 pm Brother: Kevin Pearcey Audio  
12/06/17 Wise Up about Work Audio   
12/03/17 am The Day of the Lord Audio  Video
12/03/17 pm A Strategy For Christmas Audio   
11/29/17 Wise Up about Money Audio   
11/26/17 am Brother: Mohammad Yamont Audio   Video
11/26/17 pm Learning to Lean  Audio  
11/19/17 am The Imminent Return of Jesus Christ Audio  Video
11/19/17 pm This Do In Remembrance Of Me Audio   
11/15/17 Five Features of a Fool Audio  
11/12/17 am Pleasing God with Our Grief Audio  Video
11/12/17 pm PressOn  Audio  
11/08/17 Get Wisdom...Get Understanding Audio
11/5/2017 Pleasing God With Brotherly Love   Video
11/01/17 Prayer of Praise for the Word Audio   
10/29/17 am Pleasing God with Our Purity Audio  Video
10/29/17 pm Natives and Pilgrims Audio   
10/25/17 Brother: Kent Gossmeyer  Audio  
10/22/17 am Living to Please God Audio  Video
10/22/17 pm God, My Heart, and Stuff Audio   
10/18/17 Prayer From The Place of Instruction Audio   
10/15/17 am Learning To Pray Audio  Video
10/15/17 pm God, My Heart, and Clothes Audio   
10/11/17 Prayer From The Place of Praise Audio   
10/08/17 am Love Demonstrated Audio   Video
10/08/17 pm Brother: Phil Rogers  Audio  
10/04/17 Brother: Darren Allen  Audio  
10/01/17am What Will We Do with the Gospel?  Audio Video
10/01/17pm Brother: Burt Atkins Audio   
09/24/17am My Brother's Keeper Music Ministry   Video
09/24/17am What is this? Why does it matter? Audio  Video
09/20/17 Prayer From The Place of Stress  Audio  
09/17/17 am Walk This Way - Part II Audio  Video
09/17/17 pm God, My Heart, and Music  Audio  
09/13/17 Prayer From Dark Places Audio   
09/10/17 am Walk This Way Audio   Video
09/10/17 pm God, My Heart, and Media Audio   
09/06/17 Prayer From The Place Of Blessing Audio   
09/03/17 am What Kind of Church is This? Audio  Video
09/03/17 pm Brother: Tim Dulany Audio   
08/30/17 Prayer From The Pilgrim's Pathway Audio   
08/27/17 am The Birth of a Church  Audio Video
08/27/17 pm Brother: Charles John Audio   
08/23/17 Prayer For Holiness And Purity Audio   
08/20/17 am You Want Me To Do What? Audio   Video
08/20/17 pm Declaring the Glory of God Audio   
08/16/17 Prayer From The Pavilion Audio   
08/13/17 am Making The Most of It  Audio Video
08/13/17 pm Making The Most of It - Part II Audio   
08/09/17 Prayer During Stormy Weather  Audio  
08/06/17 am Making The Most of Your Life  Audio Video
08/06/17 pm Making The Most of Your Life - Part II  Audio  
08/02/17 Prayer from Brokeness Audio   
07/30/17 am The Motive  Audio  Video
07/26/17 Prayer From Pleasant Places - Psalm 16 Audio   
07/23/17 am For Us, For Him, For God Audio   Video
07/23/17 pm Is This Verse in Your Bible?  Audio  
07/19/17 Brother: Don Stayton Audio   
07/16/17 am A 1st Century Church for the 21st Century Audio   Video
07/16/17 pm What to do about the Culture Audio   
07/12/17 Prayer From A Pit Audio   
07/09/17 am Local Church Living Audio  Video
07/09/17 pm Local Church Living - Part II Audio   
07/05/17 Prayer From The Riverside  Audio  
07/02/17 am A Call To Commitment Audio   Video
06/25/17 am PEACE  Audio Video
06/25/17 pm Risks Ahead!  Audio  
06/21/17 Biblical Spiritually Audio   
06/18/17 am Degeneration and/or Regeneration in Three Generations Audio   Video
06/14/17 Pastor: Travis Gilbert Audio   
06/11/17 am Brother: Jeremy Ellis Audio   Video
06/11/17 pm Brother: Jeremy Ellis Audio   
06/07/17 Brother: Don Stayton Audio   
06/04/17 am Things Not Found In Hell Audio  Video
06/04/17 pm Finding The Right Spouse And Keeping Them Audio   
05/31/17 Brother: Don Stayton Audio   
05/28/17 am Excellent Audio  Video
05/28/17 pm Pastor: Travis Gilbert Audio   
05/24/17 Pastor: Travis Gilbert Audio   
05/21/17 am Pleasing God By Faith Audio  Video
05/21/17 pm Following God By Faith Audio   
05/17/17 Brother: Don Stayton Audio   
05/14/17 am Let It Be Audio  Video
05/07/17 am Doing God's Will  Audio  Video
05/07/17 pm Blessed Assurance Audio   
05/03/17 Brother: Don Stayton Audio   
04/30/17 am The Christians' Banner Audio  Video
04/30/17 pm Pictures Of Grace - Peter Audio   
04/26/17 Brother: Don Stayton Audio   
04/23/17 am Building Bridges Audio  Video
04/23/17 pm God Answers Prayer Audio   
04/19/17 Brother: Don Stayton Audio   
04/16/17 am The Difference A Day Makes Audio  Video
04/12/17 Brother: Don Stayton Audio   
04/05/17 Brother: Travis Gilbert Audio   

In 1907 our Church was established as the “Pine Hill Missionary Baptist Church;” at the Pine Hill School with Fred Jones, Hewey Ponder, and L.D. Gooch. A new building was constructed in Pine Hill in 1912 and destroyed by fire in 1936. Around 1938 the church was rebuilt at the present site of Pine Hill Baptist Church, with David Grubbs as pastor.

  • 1940 Furman Jones (son of Fred Jones) was called as pastor.
  • December 2, 1948 Church voted to become independent.
  • Services held in home of Jim and Faye Fain
  • Name changed to Pine Hill Fundamental Missionary Baptist Church
  • Purchased L&N section house made it into church building
  • July 6, 1952 Wendell McHargue licensed to preach
  • March 20, 1955 named changed to Bible Baptist Church
  • 1956 Earl Jackson resigned as pastor
  • 1956 B.B. Boaz called as pastor
  • 1958 Raford Herrin called as pastor
  • April 8, 1958 Roundstone Mission (now Grace Baptist) established
  • Later turned over to First Baptist, Harrison, OH
  • 1964 Paul Burton called as pastor
  • February 16, 1966 Church voted to buy land in Burr
  • April 16, 1966 old building at Pine Hill sold
  • June 27, 1973 Lyman Fisher and Sam Hampton were licensed to preach
  • November 26, 1977, Joe Fain and Danny Ford were ordained as Deacons
  • August 16, 1981, Don Stayton called as Pastor
  • October 3, 1981 Don Stayton ordained into the ministry
  • June 26, 1982, Sam Ford and Curtis Miller ordained as Deacons
  • September 15, 1985, Harold Brown ordained as Deacon
  • July 6, 1988 voted to buy 8 ½ acres of land (our present site)
  • 1988 voted to built road to new site
  • 1989 began excavating the land
  • 1990 voted to build shelter/mission quarters
  • January 8, 1992 hired architects Rardin and Carroll
  • January 27, 1993 hired Scott Stayton as Youth Pastor
  • July 10, 1994 Danny Hinton ordained as Deacon
  • February 15, 1995 voted to sell building at Burr
  • October 14, 1995 held last service in Burr
  • At this service presented Pastor and wife a new van
  • October 17, 1995 began meeting in shelter with portable heaters and canvas wrapped around the outside. Attendance was very good
  • November 1995 building inspector allowed us to meet in fellowship hall
  • December 16, 1995 held first meeting in auditorium
  • September 28, 1998, church approved installing Don Bray as Deacon
  • September 30, 1998, Hal Hunt elected Trustee
  • April 4, 2001, Church ordained Scott Stayton into the ministry
  • February 23, 2005, Scott Stayton announced his accepting a position at Fox Creek Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN
  • March 29,2005, Church voted to purchase a study on the proposed Family Life Center, and to construct a sign at the entrance on US25
  • February 15, 2006, site based plans approved
  • September 27,2006 the Church voted to hire Rardin & Carroll as architects for the Family Life Center
  • November 19, 2007 Darren Allen and Glenn Thompson ordained as Deacons
  • November 15, 2006 Church called Michael Quillman as Associate Pastor in charge of youth
  • October 21, 2007 Church voted to call Jeremy Ellis as Associate Pastor.
  • November 11, 2007, Church voted to start building fund drive for the Family Life Center
  • Church property taken into city limits
  • Road named Higher Ground Lane
  • May 25, 2008, Jeremy Ellis Ordained into the ministry
  • February 2009, Family Life Center opens
  • August 2016, Don Stayton resigned as pastor
  • April 2017, Travis Gilbert called as pastor
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